Temporary exhibition “For Justice and Humanity”

The temporary exhibition “For Justice and Humanity” dedicated to the work and
life of Metropolitan of Vidin with an emphasis on the rescue of the Bulgarian
The exhibition is provided by State Archives – Vidin and is located on the
second floor of the Jules Pascin Cultural Center.
There are a total of 115 documents presented in the exhibition. Protocols of the
Holy Synod, letters of Vidin Metropolitan Neofit, photographs of the
Metropolitan, photographs of the Jewish community in Vidin, the Jewish labor

Commemorative plaques for Jews from Vidin fallen during the wars of 1912-1913 and 1915-1918

"The second significant event in the life of the Jewish community in Vidin, after the consecration of the synagogue in 1894, is the solemn ascension of the two marble commemorative plaques with the names of those who died in the wars (1912-13 and 1915-18) on the facade of the synagogue on November 8, 1931. The ceremony took place in the Jewish prayer house with the participation of the synagogue choir, which opened with 'Baruch Ata,' after which the Jewish priests recited the relevant psalms and prayers.

Jules Pascin, the Prince of Montparnasse born in Vidin

Julius Mordecai Pincas was born in 1885 in Vidin, a small Bulgarian town, in the wealthy family of Sephardic Jews. His father Marius Pincas, a rich grain merchant, profited from brisk trade along the Danube. He was a powerful and unscrupulous man whom Pascin depicted as the “Bad Rich Man” in his works. After he left his family home, Jules never communicated with his father again.

History of the building

The building of the old synagogue, constructed by the noble Yakov Jacob Gattegno, destroyed in 1789 and rebuilt again by its patron Raphael Ashkenazi in 1839] was hit by artillery fire during the Russo-Turkish War (1877-1878), which is why, after the Liberation, the Vidin keilah made a unanimous decision to erect a new, modern building that met their needs at the time. The synagogue has survived to this day, although in poor condition.