The vivid presence of the Jewish community in Vidin

Dr. Max Nordau’s call for “Muscular Jews” resounded favourably among the Bulgarian Jews. Parallel with the Bulgarian youth fitness societies established after the Liberation began the founding of the Makabi Jewish gymnastic societies. Their motto was “Strong spirit in a strong body”. 

The Makabi Jewish in Vidin was established in 1898. Makabi was trying to revive the Jewish tradition, restore the physical power and fighting spirit of the Jews. Its main task was to develop and promote gymnastics and sport among the Jews, educate them in the national Jewish spirit and generate the feeling of solidarity, teach Jewish youth loyalty to Bulgaria and turn it into good and healthy citizens. 

That was the only physical activity and sport education organization of the Jewish youth. For its activity Makabi raised funds from membership fees, from organized competitions, soirees. They bought books, organized Jewish language classes and Jewish history classes, organized lectures and talks, as well as excursions.